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Unique Love

Unique Love - aroma pillow for children "dream sweet little one" | nature

Unique Love - aroma pillow for children "dream sweet little one" | nature

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This special aroma pillow gives your little treasure a feeling of security and well-being. Loving bedtime rituals are part of a sheltered childhood. The little ones come to rest after an exciting day and you can support them with this aroma pillow. The scent of lavender, camomile and elderberry gently carries the adventurers of the day into the land of dreams and helps them to relax. The pleasant feeling of security and warmth strengthens you for the new day.

Application: Place the pleasantly scented aroma pillow under the pillow, in the cot or in the stroller.

Material : The aroma pillows are made from high-quality, organically certified linen fiber and filled with our special blends of medicinal herbs and organic wheat grains.

Scent: lavender, chamomile and elderberry

Pillow size: 22cm x 10cm

Care instructions: To wash the linen cover, you can simply remove the fragrant inner cushion.

Fragrance composition :

Lavender: It strengthens the nerves, calms restlessness and helps with insomnia.

Chamomile: It is considered a real protective coat for body and soul. The warm, enveloping scent provides comfort and calms fears.

Elderberry: With the scent of elderflowers we come back to ourselves, can breathe deeply and recover from our fears. The elder becomes the bearer of our inner support and gives security.

Wheat grains: Gently loosen the acupressure points of the sensitive eye muscles.

For hygienic reasons, the exchange is excluded.

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