Collection: knitwear

The label Strickgut was founded in the Rhineland by three founders, who are parents of 8 children. The knitwear for babies and toddlers is designed in Germany and produced in a CO2-neutral manner. The high-quality and super-soft knitted products such as hats, knitted pants, baby blankets or slippers are made from 100% finest merino wool. Merino wool is suitable for all seasons because it cools when it's warm and warms when it's cold. Merino fibers are soft, moisture-regulating, breathable and elastic. In addition, depending on density and weave, merino wool has a natural sun protection factor of up to 50 and has a self-cleaning function, which means that things need to be washed less often. Due to the high stretchability of the material, it can be easily put on and the baby romper pants are also known as growing pants because they fit up to six months and adapt to the growth of the child. In addition, the products are manufactured seamlessly, making them real feel-good products for the little ones.