Collection: Little Wombat

Little Wombat was founded by mum-of-two Alex, who had been searching for the perfect diary for her little ones for a long time. After she never had the feeling that her first son was sitting properly and securely in the sling, she decided to design her own sling for her daughter that met all her requirements. This should fit perfectly immediately after birth and be easy to put on. The cloth created intimate moments in which her daughter was also safe and content and the hands of the sibling were free. After the demand from girlfriends increased, she decided to start her own label - Little Wombat was born.

Each baby develops individually and the sling can be used as long as you feel comfortable with it. However, Alex's recommendation is a maximum carrying weight of 11 kilograms.

The stretchers are made of organic cotton and modal. The cotton makes the cloth breathable and skin-friendly, while modal gives the cloth a slight sheen and a soft feel. It is made from Austrian beech fibers and is produced in a resource-saving manner.

There are several reasons why carrying your baby is beneficial. On the one hand, it supports the bonding between you and your little miracle. It is close to your body, hears your heartbeat, feels your breath and feels safe and secure. Since the baby is close to you all the time, there is a lot more communication between the two of you, which also promotes your child's language development. The upright posture in the sling helps the baby with stomach pains and they can be calmed down more quickly. Although you have the baby with you all the time, your hands are free and you can do much more in everyday life, go shopping or take care of the siblings.