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Collection: Blooming Chaos

Blooming Chaos is a small family business founded by Jana and Leon from beautiful Münster. The two design beautiful print and stationary products and would like to give you the following advice: " We want to design products that accompany you on your way. Pass you an umbrella in rainy seasons and dance with you in sunny seasons. Real companions should be created that give you joy, but not only that. With our products we want to remind you that everything you need is already within you. Want to remind you of your courage and that you're, yeah, damn enough. That life is wonderful and that the sun really does shine again after every storm. Promised. And by the way, our products should be so beautiful and of high quality that they can easily be used as decoration - mind you, without forgetting that Mother Nature has limited capacities at our disposal." We love the products filled with so much heart and the design in sober colors.All are sold in the Münsterland printed, bound and packaged. Only FSC-certified paper is used for all items, including paper made from renewable raw materials such as grass or straw, which are made from 100% recycled materials.