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Unique Love

Unique Love - aroma pillow for adults "find your inner peace" | nature

Unique Love - aroma pillow for adults "find your inner peace" | nature

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This special aroma pillow gives you a moment of rest and relaxation. Its finely tuned medicinal herb mixtures have a natural positive effect on your well-being and give you a secure feeling of peace, serenity and strength.

It doesn't matter whether you put the fragrant aroma pillow on your chest, at night next to your pillow or use it as a gentle eye pillow during meditation - sit back, close your eyes and enjoy. Let go and enjoy the moment. Gentle kneading intensifies the smell.

Material : The aroma pillows are made from high-quality, organically certified linen fiber and filled with our special blends of medicinal herbs and organic wheat grains.

Scent: lavender, rose blossom and lemon balm

Pillow size: 22cm x 10cm

Care instructions: To wash the linen cover, you can simply remove the fragrant inner cushion.

Fragrance composition :

Lavender: Nerve-strengthening, calming for restlessness and difficulty falling asleep.

Rose: Balancing, stress-reducing, harmonizing.

Melissa: Gives relaxed peace, serenity, fills us with deep gratitude and peace.

Wheat grains: Gently loosen the acupressure points of the sensitive eye muscles.

For hygienic reasons, the exchange is excluded.

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