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Strickgut - family hat child | beige

Strickgut - family hat child | beige

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This soft Children's hat is knitted with the latest seamless (seamless) knitting technology. The 100%, finest merino wool ensures optimal thermal behavior in autumn and winter. In addition, it is absolutely scratch-free.

Merino wool is suitable for almost every season because it has a temperature-regulating effect. It insulates against both cold and heat. It also warms when it gets wet and has a natural sun protection factor of up to 50 (depending on the thickness). It hardly creases and, thanks to its self-cleaning function, rarely needs to be washed.

If it does need to be washed, we recommend our "Kashmirliebe" detergent from Kaell. On our blog you will also find an article on care recommendations for products made from merino wool.

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