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design - Coffee Table Book "Soft Minimal"

design - Coffee Table Book "Soft Minimal"

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Our absolute favorite among all coffee table and architecture books! Just beautiful to look at every time.

Building spaces of balance: Norm Architects' sense of humane simplicity helps create environments that feel as good as they look.

The essence of Norm Architects' style is balance: richness through restraint, simplicity through warmth, complexity through order. Whether architecture, interior design or furniture, Norm's unique brand of gentle minimalism speaks to the mind as much as the body, creating and designing spaces for all.
Soft Minimal is Norm Architects' first self-curated monograph, showcasing a series of works that have enabled them to establish themselves as key figures in Nordic design. Through residential and commercial projects in Scandinavia, Italy and Japan, Norm reflects on Nordic traditions, modernist principles and the importance of natural materials. Exploring a creative process that engages the visual with all senses, the book is insightful, inspiring and deeply poetic.

Publisher : Norm Architects

Features : Full color, linen hardcover , thread bound, 304 pages, 24.5 × 33 cm, 9 ¾ × 13 inches

Language : English

ISBN: 978-3-96704-055-5

Release Date : August 16, 2022

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