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kaëll - Universal Mop | Gray

kaëll - Universal Mop | Gray

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The universal mop from kaëll can be used anywhere in the household and is antibacterial for life. Due to its high fiber density, it is particularly suitable for damp mopping and wiping. You can use it on a wide variety of floor coverings such as laminate, tiles, natural stone, etc. Its high-quality fibers from the professional sector immediately absorb a lot of dirt and glide super easily over any floor. With it you save a lot of time and energy when wiping!

Materials : 100% polyester microfiber

Dimensions: 40cm x 12cm

· Woven

· Antibacterial for life

· Enormous cleaning power

· High fiber density

Tip: You will achieve the best cleaning performance together with a dash of brilliant performance in the mopping water.

It is best to wash the mop with the "Tiefenrein" detergent concentrate from kaell at up to 60°C machine wash. Please do not chlorinate, dry gently and do not use fabric softener.

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