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kaëll - Room Spray & Textile Fragrance "Air Kiss" Mini

kaëll - Room Spray & Textile Fragrance "Air Kiss" Mini

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The air kiss from kaëll is Room spray , textile fragrance and odor eliminator in one. It immediately binds and neutralizes odors and exudes the scent of white jasmine and powdery sandalwood. The natural microorganisms also ensure in the long term that no more unpleasant odors can develop. It is suitable for all rooms in your home, your clothes, textiles and upholstery. It removes odors from food, animals, sweat, nicotine, mold etc. It is also suitable for your car, garbage cans, drainpipes and sports shoes. It prevents bad odors for days after use, so that they don't develop in the first place!

Capacity: 50 ml

· Binds and neutralizes odors

· Scents of white jasmine and powdery sandalwood

· Removes odors from food and co. in your clothes and your home

· Based on natural ingredients

· Biodegradable

· Skin friendly

· Economical in use

Tip: The perfect size for on the go. You can fill up the mini bottle 10 times with the normal air kiss (500 ml).

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