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kaëll - natural bathroom cleaner "deep pores"

kaëll - natural bathroom cleaner "deep pores"

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kaëll's pore deep is a natural bathroom cleaner with an incomparably strong effect against limescale . It ensures hygienic cleanliness of all surfaces in the bathroom, tiles, fittings, shower, bathtub and toilet. Its highly concentrated, powerful formula deprives bacteria of their breeding ground and is extremely effective against limescale, urine scale, water marks, rust , etc. At the same time, it is particularly gentle on all acid-resistant materials. The bathroom cleaner is completely label-free - so you will not find any hazard symbols on the bottle, as with many other cleaners in the supermarket. It leaves a wonderful scent of fresh verbena & sparkling pink grapefruit.

Capacity: 750 ml concentrate - for at least 5 bottles of cleaning agent

· Incomparably strong effect against limescale and water stains

· Intensive, material-friendly cleaning

· Economical in use

· Based on natural ingredients

· Biodegradable

· Skin friendly

· Professional formulation

Tip: Also great for cleaning your favorite sneakers!

Without triclosan, parabens, formaldehyde, phosphates, dyes

Ingredients according to the Detergents Regulation ((EC) No. 648/2004): aqua, citric acid, capryl glucoside, polyglycosides, butoxydiglycol

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