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kaëll - antibacterial rapid disinfection "carefree"

kaëll - antibacterial rapid disinfection "carefree"

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The worry-free from kaëll is an antibacterial rapid disinfection for all surfaces and objects . It effectively removes bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause an infectious disease.

For disinfecting washable surfaces and objects at home and on the go for buses, trains, planes, tables, chairs, shopping trolleys, toilet seats and much more.

For easy spraying, you can also order the "Schlaukopf" spray head.

Capacity: 500 ml

· Rapid disinfection of all washable surfaces and objects

· Virucide against enveloped viruses

· Economical in use

· Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi

Ingredients according to EC recommendations: 100 g active ingredient contain: 0.25 g benzylalkyl dimethyl ammonium chloride; 0.25 g N,N`Didecil-N,N`dimethylammonium chloride; 0.25 g of alkyl ammonium chloride; 0.1 g 2-propanol 

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