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Hvid - Pacifier strap "Titi Comforter" | terracotta

Hvid - Pacifier strap "Titi Comforter" | terracotta

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This Hvid Titi pacifier holder is made from natural merino wool and is a cute and practical everyday companion. The pacifier holder not only ensures that the pacifier does not get lost, but is also a comforter that can calm your sweetheart and that it always has with you. Because it's so soft and doesn't have any hard wood or metal elements, it's super snuggly when you're carrying your baby in the carrier.

Material: 100% Italian merino wool (Öko-Tex)

Size : 26 cm

Care instructions: It is not necessary to wash merino wool frequently as it is self-cleaning. Airing out is sufficient in most cases. However, if you do wash, then wash carefully by hand or in the wool washing program with lukewarm water at a maximum of 20° degrees and with a mild wool detergent. We use our cashmere love from Kaell for this.

· 100% Italian Merino wool
· Does not itch and is antibacterial
· Super cozy and practical at the same time
· Made in Belgium
· Stains such as milk can be removed with a damp cloth. There is no need to wash the whole product.

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