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Hvid - swaddle bag "Cocoon" | artichoke

Hvid - swaddle bag "Cocoon" | artichoke

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With this beautiful cocoon made of 100% merino wool from Hvid you give your little miracle a soft cover and a feeling of security. The swaddle keeps you warm and cozy and can be used with or without a hood. It can be used everywhere during the day, for example in the stroller. The cocoon mimics the womb and soothes your little one. Thanks to the knot at the bottom, the cocoon can grow with you up to the 8th month. We are the biggest fans of merino wool as it is non-itchy, antibacterial and thermo regulating!

Material: 100% Italian merino wool (Oeko-Tex)

Size : 0 – 8 months

Care instructions: It is not necessary to wash merino wool frequently as it is self-cleaning. Airing out is sufficient in most cases. However, if you do wash, then wash carefully by hand or in the wool washing program with lukewarm water at a maximum of 20° degrees and with a mild wool detergent. We use our cashmere love from Kaell for this.

· 100% Italian Merino wool
· Does not itch and is antibacterial
· Gives the little ones a feeling of security and calm
· Made in Belgium
· The swaddle is not a sleeping bag and should be used under supervision
· Offers a gentle form of swaddling. The baby can still move and is still in good hands.

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