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HUMDAKIN - Spray bottle "Spray bottle" | neutral

HUMDAKIN - Spray bottle "Spray bottle" | neutral

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An empty, refillable spray bottle that works perfectly with our all-purpose cleaner and allows for 200 refills!

Put a small teaspoon of all-purpose cleaner in the empty spray bottle and fill the rest with lukewarm water for an easy and quick cleaning. Keep the bottle filled and you're ready for daily cleaning. The spray bottle can be used over and over again - just mix, shake, spray, wipe and repeat. Leave the bottle next to the sink for easy access and as a stylish element!

Capacity: 500 ml

Tip! Fill the spray bottle with clean water and let it become your plants best friend! Spray the leaves at least once a week after watering them.

NOTE: The spray bottle is delivered empty.

Add a small teaspoon of the universal cleaner to 500ml of lukewarm water, shake the bottle and you are ready to spray and clean. When cleaning, spray the mixture directly onto a clean, damp cloth for best results. Can be used on any surface that tolerates water.

Think about the environment when dosing the detergent - don't overuse it. The right dosage reduces the environmental impact.

The spray bottle is made from reusable PET plastic.

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