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design - Coffee Table Book "Family Adventure"

design - Coffee Table Book "Family Adventure"

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Overcoming obstacles, discovering beauty and opening our minds and hearts - these are the real destinations when we pack our bags. For this we leave our home and set off into the unknown. We all, big or small, occasionally need this magic of discovery, we want to plunge into pure life.

Family Adventures is an inspiration for all families who want to dream together when planning their next trip. Whether it's a weekend trip or a trip around the world, the 27 stories from the lives of mothers and fathers who face imponderables such as train delays, lost luggage, bears in front of the apartment and emotional breakdowns and confirm that invaluable riches await on every trip with children, despite all the difficulties. Because what could be better given to our children for life than the trust in themselves they have gained through travelling?
At the same time, the American writer Reif Larsen asks himself in his essay “Would we ever travel abroad again? Was it even reasonable to travel in this warming, pandemic-stricken world?” But how would his sons grow up if all they knew was the walk to the river near their home in upstate New York? Was travel necessary to develop empathy, understanding and perspective? One can be on the move without traveling. But is it possible to travel without actually being on the road?

Maybe it's time to reinvent travel together with our children?
From spontaneous day trips from Berlin to the Brandenburg Forest to a trip back to the roots in Catalonia, to a two-year tour with five people around the world with little luggage but lots of new friendships, to a family life between Finland and Japan - family adventure is a plea for it , to see and marvel at the world with open, children's eyes.

Publisher: Shape & Austin Sailsbury

Features: full color, hardcover , thread-bound, 256 pages

Format : 21 x 26 cm

ISBN :978-3-89955-869-2

Release date: November 17, 2020

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