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Friday Atelier

Friday Atelier - Bracelet "AIMEE | MOM"

Friday Atelier - Bracelet "AIMEE | MOM"

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This beautiful bracelet from Friday Atelier has 14k yellow gold beads as well Gemstone beads like moonstone, sunstone and ametrine in grey, beige and lilac. The new mother-of-pearl letter beads with gold and silver shimmering letters with the inscription "MOM" are unique and brand new. The Bracelet has an adjustable macrame clasp and the band has the color "mauve" and fits discreetly yet stylishly with any outfit, whether casual or chic. Make a gift for yourself or a mom who will certainly be very happy about it.

The bracelets are lovingly handcrafted in a small studio in Düsseldorf.

With gold filled products, a high-quality alloy of 14-carat gold (gold 585) and another metal (copper, brass, sterling silver) is rolled on in a special process and permanently bonded to the base metal at welding temperature. The gold layer is now about 100 times thicker than normal gold plating, which peels off quickly, but a real alloy. This makes it much more valuable and resilient.

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