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Hvid - Knit Sweater "Georgette" | artichoke

Hvid - Knit Sweater "Georgette" | artichoke

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This beautiful sweater from Hvid is made from 100% finest merino wool and is one of our absolute favorite pieces for the little ones. Hvid's new collection, which finally includes clothes, is easy to fall in love with. The knit sweater "Georgette" goes perfectly with the beautiful pants "Guido", the bloomer "Ginny" and of course your favorite booties.

The Italian merino wool keeps you nice and warm and is temperature-regulating. It does not scratch, is self-cleaning and has an antibacterial effect. A short airing in the fresh air is usually sufficient. If you do wash it, it is best to do it by hand with lukewarm water at a maximum of 20°C and with a mild detergent for wool. We prefer to use our cashmere love from Kaell for this.

Material: 100% Italian merino wool (Öko-Tex)

Care instructions: It is not necessary to wash merino wool frequently as it is self-cleaning. Airing out is sufficient in most cases. However, if you do wash, then wash carefully by hand or in the wool washing program with lukewarm water at a maximum of 20° degrees and with a mild wool detergent. We use our cashmere love from Kaell for this.

· 100% Italian Merino wool
· does not scratch and has antibacterial properties
· Merino wool naturally pills slightly
· Made in Belgium
· seamless

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