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HUMDAKIN - Cleaning kit | neutral

HUMDAKIN - Cleaning kit | neutral

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Now there is no excuse to skip a good cleaning. In this kit you get exactly what you need for sustainable cleaning: 1000 ml universal cleaner and spray bottle . With the correct dosage, you have a total of 100 liters of cleaning power in one kit.

The universal cleaner can be used on all water-compatible surfaces such as paint, wood and ceramic surfaces and is enriched with antistatic additives and natural extracts from sea buckthorn and sage to enable gentle cleaning. Use the universal cleaner regularly to keep germ count low and your home clean and pleasantly scented.
- Do not mix different cleaning products.
- After wiping, use a clean damp cloth to avoid streaking.
- Always use warm water for cleaning.

HUMDAKIN liquid products are free from parabens, dyes, essential oils, chemical fragrances, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. HUMDAKIN products contain allergy-friendly fragrances and only mild preservatives. HUMDAKIN liquid products are dermatologically tested.

The packaging is made of reusable plastic.

Ingredients: less than 5% nonionic surfactants, preservatives (2-phenoxyethanol) and perfume.
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