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HUMDAKIN - Universal cleaner "01 Universal cleaner - Salvia & sea buckthorn" | neutral

HUMDAKIN - Universal cleaner "01 Universal cleaner - Salvia & sea buckthorn" | neutral

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Humdakin's mild and effective all-purpose cleaner is the only cleaner you need for everyday cleaning. The product is manufactured as a concentrate and is characterized by a very long-lasting and clean scent that spreads throughout the home. When purchasing Humdakin All Purpose Cleaner, purchase 1 liter of the concentrate. When you keep clean with Humdakin All Purpose Cleaner, you keep dirt and bacteria out of your home. You can use the product 2 ways: in our spray bottle where you mix the product with water yourself, or the old fashioned way in a bucket of hot water.

Content: 1 liter

Spray bottle:
If you choose to use Humdakin's spray bottle, you can make 200 refills and save 198 empty packs by purchasing 1 liter of concentrated all-purpose cleaner plus 1 spray bottle. You only need 3-5 ml Humdakin universal cleaner (= 1 teaspoon), put it in your empty spray bottle and fill it up with lukewarm water. Then you are ready for your cleaning.

floor wash:
If you want to use our Humdakin all-purpose cleaner in a bucket, add one capsule to a bucket of 5 liters of warm water. This method is ideal for a more thorough cleaning with a wrung out cloth or for floor cleaning.

Humdakin All Purpose Cleaner can be used throughout the home. The product is pH-neutral and can be used on all water-compatible surfaces. So you can use our spray bottle for a quick wipe after eating, spray on the table and wipe with a clean cloth, use it for your kitchen, bathroom and all surfaces in the house.

We want to give you the best cleaning experience without compromising the quality of the product and the impact on the environment.

This product is a concentrate. Recommended dosage: add 30 ml (two tablespoons) of universal cleaner to five liters of moderately warm water. Think about the environment when dosing the detergent - don't overuse it. The right dosage reduces the environmental impact.

Dosage: 5 ml to 500 ml of water or 20 ml to 5 liters of water. Approx. 200 uses.

The HUMDAKIN universal cleaner is pH-neutral and without harsh chemicals, so it can be used in all rooms - even in the children's room.

- Do not mix different cleaning products.
- After wiping, use a clean damp cloth to avoid streaking.
- Always use warm water for cleaning.

HUMDAKIN liquid products are free from parabens, dyes, essential oils, chemical fragrances, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. HUMDAKIN products contain allergy-friendly fragrances and only mild preservatives. HUMDAKIN liquid products are dermatologically tested.

The packaging is made of reusable plastic.

Ingredients: less than 5% nonionic surfactants, preservatives (2-phenoxyethanol) and perfume.

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