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design - Coffee Table Book "Inspiring Family Homes"

design - Coffee Table Book "Inspiring Family Homes"

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The corona virus has shaped our lives for more than a year. Lockdown, home office and home schooling have radically turned everyday family life upside down and have permanently changed our relationship to our home: our own four walls have become the center of life.
If we were just modern nomads - at home everywhere but rooted nowhere, the pandemic has changed our housing needs and, thanks to unconventional approaches, also opened up new possibilities. Houses and family-friendly interior & design

Homes have transformed into multifunctional places where all family members are closer together, both physically and emotionally. We are experiencing a cultural change that is making our home more than ever a place of refuge that guarantees protection and security in uncertain times: a refuge that hugs us and gives us strength at the same time.
For Inspiring Family Homes, families all over the world open their doors and show that a home is not about location, size and shape, but about creating a place where we feel comfortable. Whether in Berlin, Brooklyn, Normandy, Japan or the Netherlands, this book presents MilK Magazine 's most beautiful home visits - authentic and lively portraits of families who have made their homes a unique place that reflects their creativity, their personality and their way to express life. A journey from one continent to the next, from one family to another, on which we meet very different characters: collector, bargain hunter, minimalist or nostalgic - each embodies their very own style.
Inspiring Family Homes shows what it is that brings us closer together and makes a house a home. The first book by MilK combines the topics of the two internationally acclaimed French magazines MilK Magazine and MilK Decoration and shows how people with a love of design have created a place to come together and grow together, how a stylish apartment can work with small children as well as with teenagers and how to bring family routines and the needs of each individual together under one roof. A unique book that provides insight into the homes of modern families around the world, with unusual inspiration and practical tips for every home and family.

Publisher: Shape & MilK Magazine

Features: Full color, linen hardcover , stitch bound, 256 pages

Format: 24 × 30 cm

ISBN: 978-3-96704-000-5

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