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Blooming Chaos

Blooming Chaos - To-do List “Rule the Chaos”

Blooming Chaos - To-do List “Rule the Chaos”

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Blooming Chaos' to-do list helps you bring structure to your chaos. It offers you the opportunity to record all the things that have to be done, prioritize them and tick them off as soon as you get them done. So you don't forget any to-dos and errands and you don't lose track of things.

Material: cover with blind embossing made of fine fine paper & content pages made of 100% recycled paper

Dimensions: 18cm x 8cm

Color: Off-white / Print: Dark grey 

· High-quality cover with blind embossing made from the finest paper from a German paper manufacturer

· Cover is mostly straw

· 60 pages of content made from 100% recycled paper

· With the format 18 cm x 8 cm, the pad is a handy companion

· Printed locally and climate-neutral in Münsterland

· Designed in beautiful, simple colors

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