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Blooming Chaos

Blooming Chaos - Mama Journal "Mother"

Blooming Chaos - Mama Journal "Mother"

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The beautiful mom journal from Blooming Chaos accompanies you through your first year as a mom. First and foremost, it should give you support, listen, catch you. The first year as a mom can be very challenging and overwhelming at times. It's so much bigger than you can imagine. Sometimes you don't feel understood, a lot isn't talked about and you don't dare to say so much. With the birth of your child, no matter whether it is the first, second, third... YOU are also born as a mother. This is just as important as the birth of a child, but unfortunately it is usually not seen or perceived as such. The beautiful journal MOTHER can lovingly remind you how strong and valuable you are and accompanies you on your way through the crazy first year after the birth of your little miracle. A real companion who will remind you of this magical time for many years to come ❤ The journal is also a wonderful gift for expectant mothers.

Material: Hardcover with gold embossing & 128 pages made from recycled paper

Dimensions: 14.5cm x 19cm

· Hard cover with gold stamping

· With a format of 14.5 x 19 cm, the diary is also a wonderful companion when you're on the go

· 144 pages of high-quality uncoated paper

· Printed locally and climate-neutral in Münsterland

· Designed in beautiful, sober colors

How to use: MOTHER is a journal that guides you daily through the early confinement (the first 10 days after the birth), then weekly through the rest of the confinement (6 weeks) and then monthly through the first year as a MAMA. After each monthly chapter there is a main topic for which you will find texts and fill-in pages. When it came to the topics, the founder of Blooming Chaos was guided by my experience - so these are topics that moved her and many in her community. Be it sex after childbirth, the partnership, the “mother mafia”, returning to work or even another pregnancy. MOTHER is here to help you stick out your chest, lift your head and say "I AM A FUCKING ROCKSTAR". Because that's you, dear moms! Every single one of you <3

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